Viscount Legend organs*

We have the following instruments and accessories for sale (all prices incl. VAT, shipping / delivery is not included):

Product Price More info
Viscount Legend NOK 29,000 View
Viscount Legend Live NOK 21,500 View
Viscount Legend Solo NOK 12,500 View
Viscount Legend Exp NOK 6,490 View
Wooden Stand Legend NOK 8,800 View
Wooden Bench Legend NOK 7,990 View
25 note pedalboard inc. volume pedal NOK 14,990 View
18 note pedalboard inc. volume pedal NOK 12,990 View
Transport Bag Legend NOK 2,700 View
Transport Bag Legend Live NOK 1,990 View

The instruments can be tested and bought at Newtone, please contact us for an appointment and availability.

Legend Introduction

Viscount Legend models