About Newtone AS

Newtone AS is a joint venture and shared creative workspace started in 2015, located in Oslo, Norway. Newtone is all about music: We record, mix & make music, and we build, repair and restore stuff you need to create it. Our main areas of focus are the following:


Newtone Studio is a recording and mixing facility tailored to meet today’s music and media requirements:  Facilities    Services    Work    About    Contact


Newtone Repair Shop is a natural extension of our passion for vintage and new electronic instruments:  Services    About    Contact


Newtone Research & Development prototypes, designs and builds hardware and software that helps people and companies create stuff we love like music:  Projects    About    Contact

Newtone Staff

Tom Erik Skram


+47 908 44 577

André Viervoll

Studio Manager

+47 909 79 610

Aksel Jensen

Producer & musician

+47 979 86 702

Lars Hamre

Lead Developer

+47 481 30 581

Øyvind Aune

Technician & musician

+47 414 82 728